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While growing up, it seemed to me that every occasion called for gatherings of numerous people. And all of these wonderful people came to our house. Whether it was family, friends, for a meal, or for a weekend, our house had seen many a guest. The Russian word for guest is гость. Russians are a very welcoming people, always willing to do their best for the guest.


Some examples:

Сегодня я жду много гостей.
I am expecting many guests today.

Катин гость, Миша, из Москвы.
Katie's guest Michael is from Moscow.

Я встретила моего гостя на вокзале.
I met my guest at the train station.

The preposition в plus the prepositional plural of гость has the special meaning “to be a guest” or “to be visiting”:

Она была в гостях у него дома.
She was a guest at his house.

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Comment from: carlson [Visitor]

And when you’re going to visit someone, you can use the verb of motion + В гости. иду в гости

11/25/10 @ 11:11

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