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If you want to talk about a television program, one word you can use is передача. The word literally means transmission, so it can apply to a radio transmission or a satellite transmission, but in the context of TV it can be simply translated as program. It declines like this:


Russian television broadcasts an amazing mix of things. They show American shows and cartoons, old soap operas like ‘Santa Barbara’ and ‘Dynasty.’ They show Soviet era movies and music videos. Mexican soap operas like «Богатые тоже плачут» “The rich cry, too.” You can find pretty well anything you want.

Мой младший брат любит передачу «Дисней-клуб». My little brother likes the program “Disney Club.”
Передача «Здоровье» начинается в девять часов десять минут. [The program] “Health” starts at 9:10.
— Когда заканчивается передача «Слово пастыря»?
— В десять часов.
“When does [the program] ‘The Pastor's Word’ end?”
“At ten o'clock.”
Из всех американских передач я больше всего люблю «Хаус». Of all the American programs I like ‘House’ best of all.
— Ты слышал, что Девина Хестера оштравофали, потому что он показал свою попку на телевизионной передаче?
— Не правда, не было никакого штрафа. Он ведь не нарочно это сделал. За ошибки не штрафуют.
“Did you hear that they fined Devin Hester because he showed his tush on a television program?”
“That's not true. There was no fine. He didn't do it on purpose. You don't get fined for accidents.”

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Comment from: Andrey [Visitor]

Well I wouldn’t call “House” a передача because передача does not mean a generic TV show but rather something like talk show or some kind of educational/entertainment program. For House I would use сериал instead.

There’s a tendency of using a word шоу in this meaning because of too literal translation. For example, when they are translating an American movie and someone says “Do you watch this show?", they make this “Ты смотришь это шоу?” instead of more appropriate передача/фильм/сериал. That’s a little disturbing.

11/12/10 @ 02:12

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