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The word так has several uses. It can imply things like "eh, so-so," or "like so" or "as it is." Today I'm focusing on the ways to use it to mean that way or like that. It's almost like an invisible arrow that points something out.

Here are some examples:

Так не поднимают тяжелые коробки.
You shouldn't lift heavy boxes like that.

Маша, не надо спорить с профессором. Так нельзя ничего добиться.
Masha, don't argue with the professor. You won't achieve anything that way.

Так и случилось.
That's just how it happened.

— Как я могу носить эту шляпу?
— Вот так, как на манекене.

“How can I wear this hat?”
“Like that, like on the mannequin.”

Так тебе и надo!*
That's what you get!

*This is the Russian version of "Serves you right."

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Comment from: Bruce Dumes [Visitor]

Love it! Looking forward to more examples of other uses of “так"!

12/23/10 @ 09:39

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