by Olga  

The Russian word for rain is дождь. As a child, I enjoyed rain because it made me feel relaxed when I listened to the rain drops falling. Sometimes it would rain all day long, and during this time I enjoyed drinking hot cups of tea with cookies and taking naps by the open window. My mom watched the forecast regularly, and I was thrilled when she told me, «кажется как будто завтра будет дождь» “it seems like it’s going to rain tomorrow”.

One day I decided to go outside and play in the rain with my sister. We both enjoyed jumping in the puddles and getting wet. I would say to my sister «давай играть под дождём!» “Lets play in the rain!” and she would answer «Да! Давай прыгать по лужам» “Yes! Let’s jump in the puddles!”

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