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Did you hear about the great new restaurant on the луна? The food is delicious, but there's no atmosphere! Hahahaha! :))

The word луна means moon. Is the joke funnier now?


Где луна? Я ничего не вижу!
Where is the moon? I can't see a thing!

Сколько лун вокруг Сатурна?
How many moons are around Saturn?

In Arizona all I have to do is drive for about a half an hour out of Phoenix on any given night to get a great view of the sky. It's really convenient since:

Я люблю смотреть на луну.
I love to look at the moon.

При солнечном затмении Луна частично или полностью закрывает Солнце. (adapted from this source)
During a solar eclipse the moon partially or completely covers the sun.

Мы стояли под яркой луной.
We stood under the bright moon.

Когда следующее полнолуние?*
When is the next full moon?

* The roots полн- ‘full’ and лун- ‘moon’ combine as «полнолуние» to mean a full moon.

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