Корова (часть первая)

by Olga  

The Russian word for cow is корова. Cows are an important addition to the food supply because they provide meat мясо, milk молоко, and milk products молочные продукты. Russians who live a village деревне often own cows. A person who owns many cows might say «в нашей деревне много коров» “In our village we have many cows.” А person who owns only one cow might say «в нашей деревне одна корова» “In our village we have one cow.”

Many years ago, my grandmother bought a calf телёнок. My grandmother milked this cow regularly and soon became very attached to it. After many years, the cow became old and my grandmother needed to give it away to the meat factory мясокомбинат. My grandmother told me that it was very difficult for her to give the cow to the meat factory.

Many people in the village cried that day because so many of them became attached to it just like my grandmother.

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