by Bella  

I love driving. Especially in Arizona. I often joke and say that I would drive to the mailbox if it weren't attached to the house. But in New York, it's a whole other story. I absolutely, most definitely will not drive in the city. Aside from the lousy traffic, parking is nearly impossible.

Трудно найти парковку в Нью- Йорке.
It's hard to find parking in New York.

Even worse, when you do finally find a spot, it's always about three blocks away and parallel. Here in my sunny state, you learn to parallel park pretty much just to pass the drivers test. I know, I know; I'm spoiled by the abundant spaces and easy parking.

Я не люблю параллельную парковку.
I don't like parallel parking.

Another comparison between New York City and Phoenix is the cost. Most parking is metered in New York. Whereas in Phoenix…

Парковка всегда бесплатная.
Parking is always free.

Ok, almost always free. But still, it is cheaper. Sometimes though, parking can still be a pain. Because no matter where you go, there is always someone who is terrible at parking.

Он паркует Хаммер, как будто он владеет всем миром.
He parks his Hummer as if he owns the world.

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