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Whenever you go on a plane, the person who makes it a safe and pleasant flight is the flight attendant. In Russian you would call her стюардесса. The literal translation is stewardess,but that hasn't been politically correct in the U.S. since the late 70s.

Стюардесса приветсвует пассажиров.

The flight attendant greets the passengers.

Стюардессы спасли всех пассажиров!

The flight attendants saved all the passengers!

As you may have noticed, стюардесса is a feminine term. The proper word for a male flight attendant is, бортпроводник But sometimes you might hear, стюард.

Бортпроводник принесёт нам вино.

The flight attendant will bring us wine.

Пожалуйста, обратитесь к бортпроводнику.

Please ask the flight attendant.

Since I became a stewardess some 6 years ago, a friend of my mother's likes to quote a line from a song by Vladimir Vysotsky's Moscow to Odessa. whenever he sees me:

«А вот прошла вся в синем стюардесса, как принцесса...»
“There goes the blue-clad stewardess, like a princess...”

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Comment from: Boris [Visitor]

I love this song very much. Thank you for sharing. Seems to me, somewhere on the shelves in my home I can find LP with this song. ;)

12/02/10 @ 00:55

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