by Bella  

Who doesn't love a good deal? And the best deal is when you get something for free or "бесплатно." The adverb бесплатно means "free of charge"; the adjectival version is бесплатный. Here is how the word breaks down: the prefix без- means "without" (and here takes the form бес-) and the stem -плат- means "pay." I love it when words make simple sense like that! But remember, just because we can translate the word as "free" doesn't mean it can be used in any other context. There is a different word for "free" as in "independent" or" available." I doubt many companies want to think of 4th of July as "Free of Charge Day!"

Here are a few examples on how to use "бесплатно:"

В салоне «Хилтон» предлагается бесплатный массаж в этот понедельник! The Hilton spa is advertising free massages this Monday!
Первый приз — бесплатная поездка в Ирландию. First prize is a free trip to Ireland.
В кафе мне добавили сливки бесплатно. They added cream for me free of charge at the café.

When I go to New York, one of my favorite places to eat is this Chinese restaurant where they have my favorite kind of deal on wine: "Вы платите за ужин, и вино бесплатно!" "You pay for dinner, and the wine is free!"

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