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One of the words you use in Russian to describe where something is located is the adverb слева, which can be translated "on the left" or "on the left-hand side." When you get experience your first Russian-language tours in Russia, your tour guide will certainly use the word in phrases like this:

Слева находится Китайский цирк. On the left-hand side is the Chinese Circus.
Слева вы увидите изввестный Татарский театр. On the left you will see the well-known Tatar Theater.

To express the concept "to the left of," you add the preposition от followed by the genitive case:

Слева от банка находится ювелирный магазин. To the left of the bank there is a jewelry store. or A jewelry store is located to the left of the bank.
Слева от Юры сидит Наташа. Она владеет тремя языками. Sitting to the left of Yuri is Natalya. She has mastered three languages.

Although слева can be used to indicate location, the word can also mean "coming from the left" or "from the left" or "from the left side":

Слева ко мне подкрался карманник. A pickpocket snuck up to me on the left-hand side.
Всегда подходи к лошадям слева, а то они тебя лягнут. Always approach horses from the left, otherwise they'll kick you.

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