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One of the words you use in Russian to describe where something is located is the adverb справа, which can be translated "on the right" or "on the right-hand side." When you experience your first Russian-language tours in Russia, your tour guide will certainly use the word in phrases like this:

Справа находится Зимний дворец. On the right-hand side is the Winter Palace.
Справа вы увидите Исаакиевский собор. On the right you will see St. Isaac's Cathedral.

To express the concept "to the right of," you add the preposition от followed by the genitive case:

Справа от банка находится ресторанчик. To the right of the bank there is a little restaurant. or A little restaurant is located to the right of the bank.
Справа от Кати сидит Ванька. Он такая свинья, не заводи с ним разговоры, а то пожалеешь. Sitting to the right of Ekaterina is Ivan. He is such a pig. Don't start talking to him or you'll regret it.

Although справа can be used to indicate location, the word can also mean "coming from the right" or "from the right" or "from the right side":

Незнакомая девушка подошла ко мне справа, и, к моему удивлению, онa подсунула мне свой телефон. A girl I didn't know approached me from the right and, to my surprise, slipped me her phone number.
Слева было несколько ям, по-этому скорая помощь подъехала справа. There were some potholes on the left, so the ambulance approached from the right-hand side.

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