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I have just arrived in Kazan for the summer; in Russian the city is spelled Казань, which is a third-declension feminine noun:


Казань is located about 450 miles east of Moscow, in a political subunit of Russia called Tatarstan:

Казань расположена на левом берегу р. Волги, при впадении в неё р. Казанки. (source) Kazan is situated on the left bank of the Volga where the Kazanka river flows into it.
В Казани живёт один миллион сто тридцать тысяч человек. One million one hundred thirty thousand people live in Kazan.
В ДТП под Казанью пострадали 32 машины. (source) 32 cars were involved in a traffic accident in the outskirts of Kazan.
— Говорят, что в Казани можно найти хорошее суши почти на каждом шагу.
— Правда? Я бы не подумал.
“They say you can find good sushi on practically every corner in Kazan.”
“Really? I wouldn't have thought it.”

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Comment from: Shady_arc [Visitor]

— Правда? Я бы не думал.
—> “я бы не подумал". Imperfective sounds… more like “I would not have thought twice” or simply “I would not think” (literally: I “think” when my brain is involved, and when it isn’t, I don’t). The difference is “I couldn’t come up with such a thought on my own” vs “I would not think (about smth)".

Needless to say, the latter construction is hardly ever used.

Don responds: Согласен. Текст поправлен.

05/29/10 @ 04:29

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