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Концерт is the Russian word for concert. In terms of declension it is a perfectly regular noun, but bear in mind that it is a на word: when you talk about going to or being at a concert, you must use the preposition на instead of в, and when returning from a concert you must use the preposition с:

— Где ты была?
— Я была на концерте Димы Билана.
“Where were you?”
“I was at a Dima Bilan concert.”
— Куда ты ходила вчера?
— Я ходила на концерт Джеймза Тейлора.
“Where did you go yesterday?”
“I went to a James Taylor concert.”
Когда мы ехали домой с концерта, у нас лопнула шина. We had a flat as we were driving home from the concert.
— Дим, поздравляю тебя с успешным концертом. Ясно, что тебя любят школьницы по всей России.
— Мммда, но мне больше нравится женщины средних лет.
“Dima, congratulations on your successful concert. It's clear that schoolgirls all over Russia love you.”
“Well, yeah, but I prefer middle-aged women.”

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