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With approaching summer and rising temperatures, all the thick layers of warm clothing will soon be coming off. Along with them, the naked truth will come out: what these few cold sunless months have done to your skin. That is what some lucky people worry about, the ones who are actually able to tan. I, personally, cannot do so. I gave up a long time ago and made peace with my sad white existence. I live in Arizona, where the sun shines most of the year, so you might think my skin would cooperate… You’d be wrong.

In Russian tan is called загар. It is a noun of male gender. Its diminutive form is загарчик. However, загарчик is usually used as a joke, to describe bad or even unfortunate tan cases.

Ты видела Катин загарчик? Одна сторона красная, другая - белая! Она на пляже на боку заснула. "Did you see Katya’s tan? One side is red and the other is white! She fell asleep on her side on the beach."
— У тебя очень красивый загар. Ты в солярий ходила?
— Нет, я только что из отпуска вернулась.
“You have a beautiful tan. Did you go to the tanning salon?"
“No, I just came back from my vacation.”
— Что-то ты слишком бледная, что такое?
— Всё нормально. Это ты меня просто без загара не видел.
“You are too pale, is anything wrong?”
“Everything is fine. It’s just you haven’t seen me without tan.”

The adjective formed from загар is загoрелый.

Витя такой загорелый с Гавайев вернулся, прямо не узнать! "Vitya came back from Hawaii so tanned; I barely recognized him!"
И почему я не могу такой же загoрелой быть, как Оля? Мне бы пошло! "Why can’t I be as tanned as Olya? It would look good on me!"

Unfortunately, sometimes we want that perfect tan so much that we forget what a few extra minutes in the sun can do to our skin. However, if you have overdone it, I know the best way to treat it! Brace yourself: it’s sour cream! All of my American friends make fun of my folksy methods; but the truth is that it really works! Just apply fresh sour cream on your sunburned skin and leave it for a few minutes. Not only does it feel refreshing and calms down the burning sensation but it also helps the burns subside faster. The trick is to apply it as soon as possible. Ever since I can remember, my family has used sour cream to treat the sunburns. So, I hope you all will be careful and won’t get sunburned. However, if it happens, you should try this method. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


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You forgot to mention the word сгореть used to describe receiving a severe sunburn :)

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