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I’m sure we have all had our moments, drinking at a party, when all of the people somehow keep managing to have a great time, but you feel so sick that you simply must leave… Hopefully, it happens at the end of the night after someone safely drops you off at home. Unfortunately, not all of us are always that lucky…

The magical feeling preceding the gross outcome, nausea, is called тошнота in Russian. Consequently, the verb for being nauseous is тошнить. Unlike in English, when you say, “I’m sick” or “I’m nauseous”, Russians say that something is being done to them.

Где здесь туалет? Мне очень надо... меня страшно тошнит! Where is the restroom here? I really need to go… I’m feeling very nauseous!
Когда моя жена была беременна, её тошнило каждое утро. When my wife was pregnant, she felt nauseous every morning.
Валю с утра тошнит: он перепил вчера. Valya feels sick in the morning: he drank too much yesterday.
— Ты себя хорошо чувствуешь? Ты очень бледная.
— Я всегда так волнуюсь перед экзаменом, меня аж тошнит.
“Are you feeling well? You are very pale.”
“I am always so nervous before exams that I feel sick.”

The adverb тошно is also used to describe a feeling of nausea.

Мне тошно, наверное я чем-то отравилась. I’m feeling sick; I bet I got food poisoning.

Just like in English, the verb тошнить can be used figuratively.

— Лена, а где же Костя? Вы обычно всюду вместе ходите.
— Даже и не спрашивай, он мне так надоел - меня от него уже тошнит!
“Lena, where is Kostya? You are usually always together.”
“Don’t even ask! I’ve had enough of him; he makes me sick!”
— Ну как тебе занятия в новой школе?
— Да меня уже тошнит от всех этих книжек и тетрадок! Хочу на каникулы!
“How do you like your classed in your new school?”
“I’m sick of all the textbooks and notebooks already! I want to be on vacation already!”

I remember the first time I went to San Diego. My friend and I drove all day and after checking into our hotel, we realized we were hungry. However, everything was closed except for a little convenient store down the street. We figured we could grab something small to eat before doing anything else. That was a rookie mistake: I can barely remember what happened to me for the next couple of days. I don’t remember the famous San Diego zoo because we never made it there. However, what I remember perfectly is the fastest way to get from the bed the bathroom and back crawling. It was the most awful food poisoning I have ever experienced. I wouldn’t wish that to my worst enemy.

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Comment from: Alex [Visitor]

OMG! I had exactly the same food poisoning near Washington DC. I bought frozen food in a convenience store. That was my worst mistake.

04/27/10 @ 06:20

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