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American business can't exist without charts. We make pie-charts and bar charts as if presenting data in charts somehow makes the data true. (The most amusing idea is that an idea is somehow scientific because it is presented in a chart.) That, of course, is complete foolishness. You can lie on a chart as easily as you can in person or in a letter or by text message. Nonetheless, when ethical people produce them, charts are valuable visual aids to processing data. Thus you should know that the Russian word for chart is график.

For instance, you can have the graph of the function y=x3-9x (which is expressed in programmer's fashion as y=x**3-9*x):

A bar chart in Russian is called a столбиковая диаграмма or a столбчатая диаграмма:

Столбиковая диаграмма наглядно показывает соотношение между различными величинами. Каждое значение представляется в виде столбика, высота которого пропорциональна этому значению. (source) A bar chart visually displays relationships among various values. Each value is represented in the form of a column whose height is proportional to its value.

A pie chart is called a круговая диаграмма or a секторная диаграмма:

В круговой диаграмме каждому элементу последовательности соответствует сектор, градусная мера которого пропорциональна величине элемента. (source) In a pie chart each element of a series has a corresponding wedge whose value in degrees is proportional to the value of the element

Nowadays one of my favorite sites is graphjam.com, which comments on popular culture by putting things in chart form. For instance:


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Comment from: Andrey [Visitor]

Sorry, but you are completely wrong on “which is expressed in Russian fashion as y=x**3-9*x". It’s not Russian, it’s just a programmers’ way to write expressions. I am absolutely sure about that because I’ve graduated from a tech University here, studying both math and programming :) We write math expressions just like you do.

Don responds: You’re right. That was sloppy of me. The phrase has been updated as you suggested.

04/30/10 @ 01:09

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