by Olga  

The Russian word for people is «люди». Russia is a large country and therefore has many people of different ethnicities and backgrounds. The Russian word for person is «человек». People can say, “this person is very nice” «этот человек очень хороший» or, “these people are very nice” «эти люди очень хорошие». It is important to note that the singular word for person is «человек» while the plural word for people is «люди».

Many people from other countries like to visit Russia to see the country. These people are called tourists «туристы». Sometimes it can be easy to spot a tourist in Russia. For example, when Russian people attend church, they tend to dress in dark clothing which covers the majority of their body. However, a tourist may walk in a church wearing shorts and not realize that this is disrespectful attire. People may say, «посмотрите на эту женщину, она в шортах!» meaning, "look at that woman, she is wearing shorts!". Moscow is especially popular since it contains many historical Russian buildings. My family in Russia sometimes says «туристы часто приезжают в Москву» meaning, “tourists often come to Moscow”.

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