Класс (часть вторая)

by Don  

The second meaning of класс is grade in the sense of first grade, second grade, third grade — in other words, the early years of school life. First grade begins at the age of seven for most Russians, and there are ten years of grade school, which essentially covers what we Americans think of as grade school, elementary school, junior high school, and high school, although the Russians start a year later and end a year earlier.

В сентябре Алёша пошёл в первый класс. In September Alexei started first grade.
Маша уже ходит во второй класс. Maria is already in second grade.
В третьем классе читают отрывки из поэмы «Руслан и Людмила». In third grade they read selections from the poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila.”
Когда Даша окончила десятый класс, она перестала шить свою одежду. When Darya finished tenth grade, she stopped sewing her own clothes.

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