Стоить (часть первая)

by Don  

The verb “to cost” in Russian is стоить:

Infinitive стоить
Past стоил
Present стою
Future буду стоить
будешь стоить
будет стоить
будем стоить
будете стоить
будут стоить
Imperative not generally used

The verb is mostly used in the third person. Bear in mind that the thing whose price you are discussing is the subject of the verb, so the verb has to agree with it:

Сколько стоит эта машина? How much does this car cost?
Сколько стоят эти джинсы? How much do these jeans cost?
Сколько стоил твой галстук? How much did your tie cost?
Сколько стоила твоя машина? How much did your car cost?

The price itself goes into the accusative case. You don't normally notice that it's accusative because the accusative of most numbers is the same as the nominative; but if the cost includes a feminine singular noun like копейка, then you will clearly see the accusative. Likewise the number тысяча ‘one thousand’ is a noun in form, so you may see its accusative form as well.

Одна конфета раньше стоила одну копейку. One piece of candy used to cost one copeck.
Эти очки стоили тысячу долларов. These glasses cost a thousand dollars.

One thing a beginner has to be careful about is the stress on these verb forms since they are different from the forms of стоять, even though they are mostly spelled the same. You can take a look here for a quick review of that verb.

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