Куриный окорочок

by Tatiana  

In the early nineties, when the Soviet grocery stores were nearly empty, куриные окорочка “chicken legs” (the cut that has leg and thigh) became very popular. They were called ножки Буша “Bush’s legs” because of the trade agreement that was signed between Mikhail Gorbachev and George H. W. Bush. The agreement made the United States the largest exporter of frozen chicken drumsticks to the former USSR (now the Russian Federation).

I remember when I was growing up they were everywhere: from a major celebration to a family dinner. Because they were cheap, housewives all over Russia would try to find more and more ways to prepare them. They would put them in various soups and cold salads or stuff them with liver pate and mushrooms.

— Что купить на рынке?
— Картошку, зелень и куриные окорочка.
“What should I buy at the market?”
“Potatoes, greens and chicken drumsticks.”
— Что ты собираешься готовить из куриных окорочков?
— Я думала их просто поджарить.
“What are you going to make out of chicken drumsticks?”
“I just thought I’d fry them.”
Можешь мне испечь куриный окорочок, а я почишу картошку для пюре? "Could you bake me a chicken drumstick and I will peel potatoes for the mashed potatoes."
— Ты читала, что говорят о куриных окорочках?
— Да, я слышала, что они вредные из-за гормонов, которые используются для выращивания куриц.
“Did you read what they say about chicken drumsticks?”
“Yes, I heard that they are unhealthy because of the hormones that are used to raise the chickens.”

Окорочок “drumstick” is diminutive for окорок, which means the leg and hip portion of an animal prepared as food.

Nomокорочок окорочка

Here is a funny cartoon called Масяня. It is very popular in Russia. In this particular episode the creators are poking fun at how Russians speak (or rather don't speak) English.


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Tatiana, this Masyanya WAS very popular in Russia, but no more for a bout a 7 years. don’t make wrong image about Russia, please)

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