by Tatiana  

Recently I wrote about bugs and how their little legs can make us shudder uncontrollably. That made me think about something even more horrifying: caterpillars. Even though some of them are really pretty with their perfect little geometrical figures on their skin, I can hardly bring myself to get near one… and as for touching them — forget it!

In Russian caterpillar is гусеница. It is a noun of feminine gender that incidentally has nothing to do with гусь “goose” that seems to have the same root.

Preгусенице гусеницах
Datгусенице гусеницам

Some dream interpretations suggest that seeing a caterpillar in your dream means getting involved with something undesirable, causing you distress. A caterpillar on your clothes that can’t be shaken off means some unpleasant encounters in the future. However, if you squish a caterpillar in your dream, good luck won’t leave your side. (source)

У этой гусеницы большая оранжевая голова и жёлтые ножки. This caterpillar has a big orange head and yellow legs.
Миша нашёл огромную зелёную гусеницу в саду и решил подарить её Маше. Маша подарка не оценила и с воплями убежала. Misha found a huge green caterpillar and decided to give it to Masha as a gift. Masha did not appreciate the gesture and ran off screaming.
— Ты боишься гусениц?
— Ужасно! Они такие мерзкие!
“Are you afraid of caterpillars?”
“Terribly! They are so disgusting!”
У нас в саду очень много гусениц, вот я туда и не выхожу! There are a lot of caterpillars in our garden, so I just don’t go there.
Не подходи к этим кустам - они покрыты гусеницами! Don’t get near those bushes: they are covered with caterpillars.

I remember when I was little, my friends and I were playing on the swing we had in our garden. That swing was big enough to fit several people. Being a good girl, I took my shoes off and climbed onto the swing ready to have fun. Little did I know what my friends were plotting. They found a big fuzzy caterpillar with a green body and a bright orange head and placed it carefully in one of my shoes. When I finally put my shoes back on, I could feel that my foot was not alone in there. 88| As soon as I realized what it was, I jumped so suddenly that the swing jerked and folded in half, dumping us all on the ground. I remember shrugging and screaming but the joke was on my friend who pulled the prank — he landed on the caterpillar! :))


Comment from: Ника [Visitor]

фу!а я только что поела))

03/25/10 @ 06:30
Comment from: vio [Visitor]

goose has nothing to do with гусеница. According to Vasmer, it’s a derived from юсеница, literally - probably something covered with moustache or hair

03/24/10 @ 08:03

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