by Tatiana  

Do you ever think about how you learn certain words? You grow up using some of them without even stopping for a second to think of their meanings or how you came to know them. For example for me, apart from the obvious books and movies, my parents have always been a great source.

One of the words that I am sure I have learned from my mom is «колоритный». It is an adjective that means “vivid” or “colorful” and mostly appears in literature. It can be used to describe a painting that catches the eye with its bright colors and a special attention to details.

— Ты видела последнюю картину Репина?
— Да, очень колоритная.
“Did you see Repin’s last painting?”
“Yes, very vivid.”
Картины Ренуара отличаются характерными колоритными мазками. "Renoir’s paintings are notable for their distinctive colorful brushstrokes."

Also, this word is used figuratively to describe a person’s distinctive style and originality or a writer’s lively manner, in which one expresses his or her thoughts on paper.

Книги Набокова написаны очень колоритным языком. "Nabokov’s books are written in a very vivid manner."
Леди Гага очень колоритная. Её одежда всегда отличается своеобразностью. Lady Gaga is very unique. Her clothing always distinguishes itself by its originality.
— Ты видела на базаре женщину, которая баранками торгует?
— Да, колоритная личность...
“Have you seen that woman who sells pretzels at the market?”
“Yes, what a unique individual…”

The nouns formed from the same root are «колорит» and «колоритность» and the adverb is «колоритно».

— Николай очень колоритно говорит.
— Да, и так убедительно! Я уже и не помню, почему я несогласна была вначале.
“Nicolas speaks very eloquently.”
“Yes, and convincing too! I don’t even remember why I didn’t agree in the beginning.”
Красный шарф придаёт этому наряду особую колоритность. "The red scarf makes this outfit look especially distinctive."

As teenagers we all go through different stages of trying new styles. More often than not they fail and we inevitably move on to something else. Likewise, I was experimenting with my hair color and outfits. Luckily, I had a mother who, instead of laughing in my face or getting mad, would just call my look «колоритный», no matter how weird it seemed to her. That is not to say she didn’t try to change it later… As they say, “mother knows best”... :D


Comment from: Ника [Visitor]

Ваш дневник тоже очень калоритный!Хоть я и не иностранка,но мне так нравится вас читать!!!))))

03/21/10 @ 11:10
Comment from: Nicolas [Visitor]

What a pleasant surprise to read ‘Nicolas’ in this entry. Usually it is spelled ‘Nicholas’ and so I thought this merited a comment. I am flattered that this fictional me speaks so ‘eloquently’! :)

03/19/10 @ 15:13

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