by Olga  

The Russian word for summer is лето. Over the summer, I like to visit my family in Russia and spend time out in the beautiful weather. I call my family and tell them, “this summer I will come to visit you” «этим летом я приеду к вам в гости». When I am with my family in Russia, I like to visit my grandmother’s огород, which means garden. I say to my grandmother «я люблю работать на огороде летом» “I like to work in the garden during the summer.”

In the summer, Russian people like to buy мороженое ice cream from the ice cream stands. When I want some ice cream, I come up to the ice cream stand and tell the lady «я хочу купить мороженое» “I would like to buy some ice cream.” Another thing I like to do in Russia during the summer is go swimming in the lake. I tell Americans «я люблю купатся в озере» "I like to swim in a lake.”

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