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When you enter a Russian apartment, often one of the first things you encounter is an item of furniture on which to hang your coat, and that item is called a вешалка. It's a mostly regular noun, but do notice the fill-vowel in the genitive plural:


The stem of the word is вес-, which means ‘hang.’ It can apply to a thousand items that are used to hang things: a free-standing coat rack, a peg-board that holds coats, a wire hanger, a hook on a wall, a loop on a shirt, or even a towel-rack:

Photo of various types of вешалки
Various types of вешалки

Sample sentences:

Как только вхожу в офис, я вешаю свою куртку на вешалку. I hang my jacket on the coatrack as soon as I enter the office.
Почему ты повесил джинсы на вешалку? Надо их погладить, аккуратно сложить и положить в шкаф. Why did you hang your jeans on the peg board? You should iron them, fold them neatly, and put them in the armoire.
— Где мой плащ?
— Он как всегда висит на вешалке. Что за идиотский вопрос.
“Where is my raincoat?”
“It's hanging on the coatrack as always. What a stupid question.”

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