И (часть вторая)

by Don  

As students advance in their study of Russian, they eventually encounter the words тоже and также, both of which can be translated as “also.” The difference between the two is complex.¹ But if you are a really sneaky Russian student, then you can sometimes avoid both words by using и. For instance:

Мама любит говорить по-русски. И папа любит говорить по-русски. Mom loves to speak Russian. Papa also loves to speak Russian.
Мама ест рыбу. Она ест и курицу. Mom eats fish. She also eats chicken.

¹ The best description of the difference between the two words I've seen for beginners is in Richard Robins's first-year textbook Голоса, pp. 123-124. For a more complete description look at Nakhimovsky and Leed's “Advanced Russian,” which gets to the essence of the topic in terms of theme-rheme.

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