Жевательная резинка

by Timur  

When a random person is walking down the street and producing tense chewing motions with the jaw, he or she is probably having some жевательная резинка. The adjective жевательная (chewing) and the noun резинка (rubber/eraser/elastic), combined together, make up the term “chewing gum.” But most of the time Russians will avoid the longer, two-part term and simply say жвачка or резинка instead.

Gum was always kind of a big deal among kids when I was growing up, especially if the wrapper included stickers of superheroes, famous athletes, fast cars or nude women. But before that, in the Soviet days, gum was rare and was largely looked upon as another bogus product of depraved Western culture, standing alongside Coca-Cola and blue jeans. So way back then (60s, 70s), as the ultimate replacement people tell me, they chewed sweet tree sap. Thankfully no one needs to resort to such folksy measures any longer; they just buy a pack of Wrigley or Orbit at any kiosk.

Here is the declension of word резинка; adding жевательная is just too long:


Image from 20th.su

Picture of a Soviet chewing gum called "Coffee Aroma."

Here are some example sentences with the words жевательная резинка and жвачка:

Mне всегда больше всего нравилась мятная жвачка. I always liked mint gum best of all.
Майкл Джордан постоянно жуёт резинку во время игры. Michael Jordan constantly chews gum during the game.
Жевательная резинка Ригли всегда была очень популярна среди детей и взрослых. Wrigley chewing gum has always been very popular with kids and adults.
В детстве Aнтону всегда говорили, что если он вдруг проглотит свою жвачку, то тогда она застрянет в его кишках на семь лет. In childhood Anton was always told that if he swallowed his gum, then it would get stuck in his intestines for seven years.


Comment from: Wilson [Visitor]

I think it is like “брелоки” и “брелки” - the first is grammatically correct but the second one sounds better :) As about жвачка - it reminds me about жвачное животное :)

11/30/09 @ 06:54
Comment from: андрей [Visitor]

даже я такой жвачки не видел никогда…

а тебе удачи))

11/29/09 @ 22:49
Comment from: Maxim [Visitor]

“Жвачка” and “жевачка” have absolutely the same meaning, but “жевачка” is spoken, not right grammar form (usually used by teens and children). Even browser speller underlines the last one, microsoft word too and spelling dictionary (gramota.ru) too.

11/28/09 @ 20:45
Comment from: Kirill [Visitor]  

Hello! I agree that резинка nowadays is usually a reference to “condom". As to жвачка and жевачка, we use both, although I believe that the latter is used more frequently.

11/28/09 @ 16:21
Comment from: Timur [Member]

Glad you like the blog!
You are correct about жевачка, but it’s basically the same as жвачка. As for резинка, I’ve heard a lot of older people (40+) use the word quite often.

11/28/09 @ 15:00
Comment from: Wilson [Visitor]

Hello! Very interesting blog! But I want to say that russians (at least people I know) do not say “жвачка” and definetly will never say “резинка” (it is usually used as a reference to “condom"). I think they use word “жевачка” (and youngsters sometime say “жовка")

11/28/09 @ 08:11

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