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Столица is the Russian word for capital, as in a capital city, not a capital letter. It's a perfectly regular noun (as long as you know the five-letter spelling rule).

Москва — столица Российской Федерации. Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation.
— Вашингтон — это столица какой страны?
— Не помню. Посмотри в Википедии.
“Washington is the capital of what country?”
“I don't remember. Look it up on Wikipedia.”
Столица Аризоны — Финикс, хотя раньше столицей был город Прескотт. The capital of Arizona is Phoenix, although previously the capital was Prescott.
До столицы ещё оставалось пятьдесят километров, когда у нас лопнула шина. We were fifty miles away from the capital when our tire blew out.

Note: for a reminder on the difference between capital and Capitol, see the first usage note at dictionary.reference.com.

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