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The Russian word картина has more than one meaning and consequently can get a bit confusing in certain situations. The most popular definition of the word is the noun painting. And the painting has to be a true piece of art of considerable size or reasonable value to be called a картина, otherwise it’s a картинка (something I and kindergarteners would draw).

Kартина can sometimes stand for image, picture or scenery— depending on the subject matter of the conversation. For example you can use the scene/scenery translation to describe nature or anything else that you see live; like some swimmer being attacked by a a Great White, and etc… Also, just like a lot of English-speaking filmmakers refer to their films as “pictures," many Russian directors describe them as картины.

A картина can be нарисована (drawn), написана (written/painted), снята (filmed), описана (described) and создана (created).


Painting 'Morning in a pine forest'
Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Вот картина Ивана Шишкина «Утро в сосновом лесу». Here is Ivan Shishkin's painting "Morning in a Pine Forest." It is one of the most recognizable paintings in Russia, partly because it is depicted on the wrappers of the popular candy «Мишка Kосолапый» "Clumsy Bear."

У него в комнате висит одна знаменитая картина какого-то фламандского художника. There is a famous painting of some Flemish painter hanging in his room.
Джеймс Камерон снимает только по одной картине каждые десять лет, или даже реже. James Cameron films only one picture every ten years, or even less often.
Я вышел на балкон и передо мной открылась потрясающая картина, состоящая из гор и океанских волн. I stepped out to the balcony and in front of me appeared great scenery composed of mountains and ocean waves.
Винсент ван Гог написал большую часть своей знаменитой серии картин “Подсолнухи” между 1888 и 1889. Vincent Van Gogh painted most of his paintings from the famous “Sunflowers” series between 1888 and 1889.

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Privyet, Thanks for this post! What a coincidence that you mentioned the “kartina” Clumsy Mishka - I just wrote a post about Clumsy Mishka, the candy! :)

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