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Some words always bring a smile to my face, like higgledy-piggledy, hurlyburly, hullabaloo, and floccinaucinihilipilification. Now I have a new one from Russian: гоголь-моголь.

Гоголь-моголь is a dish made of raw egg yolks beaten with sugar. If your daughter has a sore throat and doesn't like to take medicine, then you feed her гоголь-моголь and soon everything will will be better.
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Самый простой рецепт: взбить пару желтков яиц с сахаром и принимать натощак по утрам по две чайные ложки. (source) The simplest recipe: beat a couple of egg yolks with sugar. Take two teaspoons in the morning on an empty stomach.

Even Doctor Aibolit, the Russian equivalent of Doctor Doolittle, treated his animals with it:

И к полосатым
Бежит он тигрятам.
И к бедным горбатым
Больным верблюжатам,
И каждого гоголем,
Каждого моголем,
Гоголем-моголем потчует.
And he runs
to the striped tiger cubs
And to the poor, sick,
Hump-backed camel cubs
And he offers each gogol
And he offers each mogol
He treats them to gogol-mogol

Гоголь-моголь is considered a cultured and refined dessert, worthy of being served in aristocratic homes. It may be flavored with chocolate or vanilla or coffee, made with fruit juices or pureed fruit, or even served in bars as a cocktail.

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Comment from: Karyn Dubravetz [Visitor]  

Wow - great post! I have been studying Russian a long time - even studied abroad - and have never heard of this! I am going back next year - will have to try it! (Sounds kinda like egg nog?)

Love the nursery rhyme, too!

11/04/09 @ 09:00

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