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The word батарея is simply translated as battery, and just as in English, it can refer to a few different objects. First, to a battery that is used to run electronic equipment, which Russians often call батарейка. Then, to a military battery, as in an artillery unit grouped on the battlefield for better tactical maneuvering and action. Thirdly, it labels the radiator, part of the traditional heat transfer system that warms all Russian apartments and houses by hot water and steam circulation in the winter, late fall and early spring.


Image of a radiator from http://obninsk.name

Батарейка в моем телевизионом пульте уже села. The battery in my TV remote controller already died.
Когда в квартире холодно, Cтепан садится около горячей батареи. When it’s cold in the apartment, Stepan sits near the hot radiator.
Все три артиллерийские батареи на левом берегу реки были наготове. All three artillery batteries on the left bank of the river were ready.
Батарею моего нового ноутбукa можно заряжать солнечной энергией. The battery of my new notebook can be charged with solar energy.

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