Через (часть третья)

by Don  

Another meaning of через is “in” in the sense of “time period at the end of which something will happen.” In this sense it also takes the accusative case.

Добыча нефти начнётся через два дня. (adapted from this source) Petroleum extraction will begin in two days.
Через месяц женюсь! I'm getting married in a month!
Отель "Марко Поло" в Москве откроется через год. (source) The Marco Polo Hotel will open in Moscow in a year.
Через неделю будет устный экзамен. There will be an oral exam in a week.

This use of the word can also happen in the past tense, in which case it is best translated “later”:

Сначала в Москву прилетел я, а через два дня прилетела и моя сестра. First I came to Moscow, and two days later my sister also came.
Британские колонии в Северной Америке объявили независимость в 1776-ом году, а через тринадцать лет состоялась революция во Франции. The British colonies in North American declared independence in 1776, and thirteen years later a revolution took place in France.

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