Свет (часть первая)

by Don  

Today's word is свет, a lovely small word which has a couple of meanings. Today we explore its meaning in the sense of light, that radiant energy that makes things visible. Its declension has all the regular forms that you would expect:


But in this meaning you will also occasionally find an alternative genitive singular свету and an alternative prepositional свету.

В комнате не было света. There was no light in the room.
Я очень интересуюсь светом. Он нам даёт возможность видеть. Это меня просто поражает. I'm really interested in light. It allows us to see. That simply amazes me.
Разработан эффективный способ расщепления молекул воды на свету. (source) An effective method of separating water molecules in the presence of light has been developed.
Ночью на дискотеке она была прекрасна, но сегодня при свете дня она страхолюдина. Last night at the disco she was really beautiful, but today in broad daylight she is hideous.
Зал был освещён голубым светом. Это была просто сказка! The auditorium was illuminated with blue light. It was as beautiful as in a fairytale!

The word also means “a light,” that is a source of illumination. In this sense it is usually only used in the singular, not the plural:

Ой, здесь так темно. Тань, включи свет. Oh, it's so dark in here. Tanya, turn on the light.
Когда последний выйдет из комнаты, прошу выключить свет. When the last [person] leaves the room, please turn off the light.


Comment from: Dmitry [Visitor]

It is better to saы: cut down (вырубите) the light. Вырубите свет.

11/29/09 @ 07:32
Comment from: samba [Visitor]

I should also mention that there is name “Света” - short form of name “Светлана". In this case obeject is obviously countable and word is declinable. It can cause wordplay. For example:
- Выключите свет! (Turn off the light/Turn off Svetlanas)
- Всех? (All of them?)

11/28/09 @ 12:21
Comment from: Dmitry [Visitor]

Грузинская семья, муж жене:

- Дорогая, можно я буду сегодня спать со светом?
- Со светом, странно, но почему нет, можно.
- Эй, Света, заходи, жена разрешила :)

11/28/09 @ 08:58
Comment from: samba [Visitor]

There is no plural for word “свет” in meaning of radiant energy.

Don responds: Good point. I’ve deleted the plural forms from the declension chart.

11/28/09 @ 06:29

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