Спех, спешка

by Don  

The words спех and спешка are nouns that mean “a hurry, a rush.” They are conversational words; you wouldn't write them in a formal paper. The former is particularly used in combination with the preposition к to mean “to be in a rush/hurry (to get something, to get something done).” The person who feels the haste is expressed in the dative:

— Когда тебе нужен перевод статьи?
— Мне не к спеху.
“When do you need the translation of the article?”
“I'm in no rush.”
Viper F50 2T продам не к спеху. (source) I'm selling a Viper F50 2T [scooter], but I'm in no rush.
— Тебе это очень к спеху?
— Нет, мне это не к спеху, я подожду.
“Are you in a big rush for this?”
“No, I'm in no hurry. I'll wait.”

Спешка is mostly used in the prepositional case after в:

Она в спешке вышла из дома и забыла сотовый. She left the house in a hurry and forgot her cell phone.
Никогда не работай в спешке, а то будут ошибки. Never do your work in a rush, otherwise you'll make mistakes.
Ураган "Айк" двинулся на Техас: техасцы в спешке покидают побережье. (source) Hurricane Ike has headed toward Texas: Texans are rushing to leave the coast
Я поцеловал жену, но в спешке попал не в ротик, а в носик. I kissed my wife, but in my haste landed on her nose instead of her lips.

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