by Don  

Подмышка is a fun word. The prefix под- means under, and the root мыш- means mouse. Thus подмышка means armpit, and doesn't that little bit of hair under your arm kind of look like a mouse? Sample sentences:

Зачем нужна подмышка? Почему она потеет? (source) Why do you need an armpit? Why does it sweat?
У меня под левой подмышкой какое-то воспаление ввиде шарика. (source) I have some kind of ball-shaped inflamation under my left armpit.
А ну-ка, давай подмышку, будем мерить температуру! (adapted from this source) Well, now, give me your armpit. We're going to measure your temperature!
— Можно я посмотрю на твою подмышку?
— На мою подмышку?
— Это моя любимая часть женского тела.
“Do you mind if I look at your armpit?”
“My armpit?”
“It's my favorite part of a woman's body.”¹

¹ From the movie “Flirting with Disaster.”

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