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The Russian word for plus is плюс, and it can be used out loud in simple addition statements. Notice the Russians use the future tense будет where Americans use present tense is:

Два плюс два будет четыре. Two plus two is four.
Три плюс пятнадцать будет восемнадцать. Three plus fifteen is eighteen.

This is a very informal way of talking. In formal Russian it comes out much more complicated:

К трём прибавить пятнадцать равняется восемнадцати. lit. To three to add fifteen equals to eighteen.

The word can also be used when discussing positive numbers and temperatures:

В апреле в Беларуси средняя месячная температура воздуха составляет от плюс 4°С в северной части до плюс 7°С на юго-западе страны. (adapted from this source) In April in Belarus the average monthly temperature ranges from plus 4°С in the north to plus 7°С in the southwest [part] of the country.

When we start out in our Russian studies, it's tough for us Americans to know how to read abbreviations and numerical phrases out loud. In this case they come out like this:

от плюс 4°С от плюс четырёх градусов
до плюс 7°С до плюс семи градусов

Notice that the word плюс doesn't change for case here, and that a normal Russian won't say «по Цельсию» out loud in a context where everyone knows they are talking about degrees Celsius.

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