Мышь (часть первая)

by Don  

The Russian word for mouse is мышь. It is a third declension feminine noun that declines like this:


Sample sentences:

Как поймать мышь? How do you catch a mouse?
Я поймала мышь с помощью липучего домика для тараканов, в серединку положила кусочек сыра , поставила на ночь у того места, откуда она может выйти — и утром она уже там была — прилипла!
(Adapted from this source)
I caught a mouse using a sticky cockroach trap. I put a little piece of cheese in the middle, set it overnight by the place where the mouse might come out, and in the more there it was: it got stuck!
Лично я очень люблю мышей. Personally, I really love mice.
Жареная мышь — верное средство от ночного недержания мочи. (source) A fried mouse is a sure cure for nighttime bed-wetting.¹

¹ Apparently this superstition was held in English speaking countries as well:

A flayne Mouse rosted, or made in powder, & drunk at one tyme, doeth perfectly helpe such as can not holde or keepe their water: especially, if it be used three dayes in this order. This is verie true and often proued.

From Lupton's “Thousand notable things,” quoted in A Dictionary of Superstitions.

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