К (motion)

by Don  

The Russians also use the preposition к to mean “to” in the sense of “to someone's home/place.” К becomes ко before certain words, most particularly in the phrase «ко мне».

— Где ты был?
— Я ходил к Тане.
“Where were you?”
“I went to Tanya's place.”
Я быстренько зайду к Ивановым за сумкой. I'm going to take a quick run over to the Ivanovs' to get my purse.
Вечерами по вторникам Зоя и Боря ходили ко мне заниматься. On Tuesday evenings Zoya and Borya would come to my place to study.
Саш, отнеси эти грибы к бабушке. Sasha, take these mushrooms to Grandmother's place.
Маш, пойди к дядя Коле и попроси у него отвёртку. Masha, go to Uncle Kolya's and ask him for a screwdriver.
Иди к чёрту! Go to the devil!

That last sentence, of course, is rude. It has about the same emotional punch as “Go to hell” does in English.

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