На (motion)

by Don  

The second-most common word for “to” in Russian is “на” followed by the accusative case. This is potentially confusing because “на” followed by the prepositional case often means “at.” Observe the contrast:

Мама на работе? Is Mom at work?
Мама поехала на работу. Mom has gone to work.
На почте покупаем марки и принимаем факсы. We buy stamps and receive faxes at the post office.
Почтальон поехал на почту. The postman has gone to the post office.

“На” followed by accusative can also be translated as “onto”:

Кошка прыгнула на стол. The cat jumped onto the table.
Мой брат влез на крышу. My brother climbed onto the roof.

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