Конфеты (часть вторая)

by Don  

The generic Russian word for a piece of candy is конфета:


Bear in mind that in English the word candy is a mass noun, one which is mostly used in the singular to indicate indefinite quantities of candy. In that sense the Russians use конфеты in the plural. When discussing a single piece of candy, they use the singular:

— Ты любишь конфеты?
— Ещё бы!
“Do you like candy?”
“And how!”
— Не хочешь конфету?
— Пожалуйста.
“Do you want a piece of candy?” “Yes, please.”
Не люблю сладкого. Могу совсем спокойно жить без конфет. I don't like sweet stuff. I can live perfectly happily without candy.
Я хотел поесть сладкого, но в киоске не было ни одной конфеты. I wanted to have a little something sweet to eat, but the kiosk didn't have a single piece of candy.

The candy in Russia is simply wonderful. It's worth paying for a year of studying abroad just to go there and explore the enormous variety of tooth-rotting confections. And the names of some of the candies will bring a smile or smirk to the face of us Americans. Here are some of the ones that have brought a smile to my face:

Детский музыкальный театр Children's musical theater
Ласточки Swallows
Кто сказал му? Who said “moo”?
Славянский простор Slavic expanse

One of my former students was recently in Russia and sent me the following blurb about the candy she had been buying in Russia:

В магазине «Сахарный Лев»:

  • Конфеты «Парижель» — Made by the Ukrainian фабрика «АВК». Тhese are probably the best chocolates I've ever had. They're about 60% of the price of similar candies, which I'm thinking has something to do with the cost of labor in Ukraine. Весовые, 194,20 рублей/кг (280 grams, about 15 candies, for 54,38 rubles.)
  • «Бабаевский» шоколад с кусочками вишни, 1 штука, 100г, 46,60 рублей

Here are some great descriptions for various Russian candies:

Candy names Link
Pigeon-toed Mikey
Mikey in the North
Sunflower Kozinak
Click here
Here, Kitty Kitty
Slavic Expanse
Ryskie Optima
Click here
Spartak Elite Dark Bitter Aerated Chocolate Click here
Little Cow
Bird’s Enjoyment
Heavenly Song
Click here

“Who said moo” candy

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