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The word for a tear is слеза. Notice the stress pattern:

Sing Pl
Nom слеза слёзы
Acc слезу слёзы
Gen слезы слёз
Pre слезе слезах
Dat слезе слезам
Ins слезой слезами

A few sample sentences:

Пушкин писал, что Гоголь заставляет людей «смеяться сквозь слезы грусти и умиления». (source) Pushkin wrote that Gogel makes people “laugh through tears of sadness and heartfelt emotion.”
Джессика Альба довела мужа до слез. (source) Jessica Alba brought tears to her husband's eyes.
Слеза Натуральная содержит водорастворимую полимерную систему, которая в сочетании с естественной слезной жидкостью глаза улучшает увлажнение роговицы. (source) “Natural Tears” [eye product] has a water-soluble polymer system that along with the eye's own natural tear liquid improves hydration of the cornea.
На пресс-конференции Жириновский не сдерживал эмоций и даже пустил скупую мужскую слезу, повествуя о трудной жизни своих родственников. (source) At the press converence Zhirinovsky could not contain his emotions and even let fall a sparse manly tear when talking about the difficult life of his relatives.

The word teardrop is big news this month in the US due to a viral e-mail going around that contains, among other things, this picture and these words:

This is the "TEAR DROP" made and installed by the Russians to honor those who died in 9 11 and a statement against terrorism. It is very impressive. The tear drop is lined up with the Statue of Liberty.

When I saw that note, I had no idea whether it was real or not, so I headed right away to snopes.com to see if it had been debunked. Go figure: it's legitimate, and the monument even has an official website where you can see a picture of Putin at the dedication.

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