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An English speaker might assume that лимонад means lemonade, but in Russian it means almost any non-alcoholic beverage, usually carbonated, and usually sweetened with fruit or berry syrup or sometimes with various herbs or artificial flavors. In other words, it means soft drink. That's right: in Russian both Пепси-Кола and Кока-Кола are лимонад.

In Russia there are many лимонады that we Westerners usually don't encounter in the US. For instance:

Name Flavoring
Байкал St. John's wort and licorice
Ситро Various citrus flavorings
Бионад Various flavors (even leechee)

Probably the scariest one of them all is Тархун, pictured to the right, which is flavored with dragon's wort. Its green coloring makes it look like an industrial-sized bottle of Nyquil, and its flavor is somewhere between vile and repulsive.

Here are some sample sentences:

— Какой ты хочешь лимонад?
— Фанту.
“What soft drink do you want?”
Ой, у нас кончился лимонад. Придётся зайти в магазин. Oh, no, we've run out of soft drinks. We'll have to run to the store.
Мама спрятала шоколадку в холодильнике за лимонадом. Mom hid the chocolate bar in the refrigerator behind the soft drinks.
Хотя это плохо для здоровья, я не могу обходиться без лимонада. Although it's bad for the health, I just can't do without soft drinks.


Comment from: Random [Visitor]

Натуральный сироп “Тархун” ДЕЙСТВИТЕЛЬНО ярко зеленый. Google “Воды Лагидзе” if you want to find more. Лагидзе was georgian naturalist that collects natural herb beverages in XIX century. His famous restaurant still exist in St.Petersburg.

09/13/13 @ 09:34
Comment from: felina [Visitor]  

Мама *скрыла шоколад в холодильнике за лимонадом.

I’d put it like Мама спратала шоколад (or even better, if it is a bar of chocolate – шоколадку / плитку шоколада) за лимонадом.

скрывать – to conceal sth, to keep secret; to prevent or avoid disclosing

прятать что-л. (от кого-л.) – to hide
sth from sb

Родители часто прячут сладкое от детей.
Я спрятала подарок, чтобы Женя не нашел его до дня рождения.

Don responds: Согласен!

12/17/09 @ 06:51
Comment from: Dmitry [Visitor]

Байкал - на вкус как кола с еловым привкусом :)

11/29/09 @ 08:02

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