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The word for jaw in Russian is челюсть, which is a feminine noun. Not too surprisingly, the movie “Jaws” was translated into Russian as «Челюсти».

Doubtless the most famous historical incident involving a jaw is Samson's slaying of the Philistines:

Нашёл он свежую ослиную челюсть и, протянув руку свою, взял её, и убил ею тысячу человек. He found the fresh jaw of an ass and, having stretched forth his hand, he took it and killed a thousand people with it.
Книга Судей израилевых 15:15 Judges 15:15

Sometimes your neck and head can hold a lot of tension, in which case you should take the following advice:

Зевните один раз как можно шире, потом пошевелите челюсть чуточку налево и направо, и потом спокойно закройте рот. Yawn once as wide as you can, then move your jaw a little left and a little right, and then calmly close your mouth.

When you combine челюсть with the adjective вставная “insertable” or съёмная “removable,” it means denture:

У Жанны Фриске вставная челюсть Zhana Friske has dentures
В своём блоге Александр доложил о том, что в бизнес-классе одного из рейсов, который перевозил целую плеяду отечественных звёзд, через приоткрытую дверь туалета он стал очевидцем следующей картины: Жанна Фриске стоит у раковины, а в руках съёмная челюсть (!) и зубная щётка… Это шокирующее открытие имело подтверждение на днях. (source) In his blog Alexander reported that in the business class section of a flight that carried the entire Pleiades of Russian stars, through a slightly open restroom door he became witness to the following picture: Zhanna Friske stood at the sink, and in her hands was a set of dentures (!) and a toothbrush… This shocking discovery was confirmed a few days later.

Oh, the horror! Oh, the humanity! Actually, when I read things like this in Russian, I'm encouraged: it proves that not it's not just we Americans who can be shallow beyond words.

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