Пока (прощание)

by Don  

Another meaning of пока is "see you later":

Ой, уже поздно. Я пойду. Пока! Oh, no, it's getting late. I'm out of here. See you later!

If you count the syllables of that dialog, you see that Russian only takes 10 syllables to say what English says in 15 syllables. See how much more efficient Russian is than the decaying languages of the West? Aren't you glad you are studying Russian? Other examples:

Спасибо за бабки, братан! Я сейчас пойду в казино. Пока!¹ Тhanks for the dough, dude! I'm heading to the casino. See you later!
Господи, больше спиртного не могу пить. Я поеду к Пете. У него всегда есть пиво. Пока! Lord, I can't drink any more hard liquor. I'll head to Pete's place. He's always got beer. Later!

¹ Бабки and братан are slang. Don't use them in front of your Russian teachers unless you want them to think you are a complete hoodlum.

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