Новый год — 2008

by Olga  

The Russian word for New Year is Новый год. New Year's is a time when friends and family come together to mark the beginning of a new and exciting year. Because many Russians celebrate Christmas on January 7th, there is no need to buy a Christmas tree earlier in the month of December декабрь. So, many people buy and decorate the Christmas tree on New Year's Eve. Many Russian families enjoy gathering with large crowds on New Year's Eve to enjoy special food and drinks. For most Russians, singing around the dinner table and dancing are two important components of a New Year's Eve party.

Last year my family decided to make a New Year's party at my house. We live in a quiet neighborhood, and I had to ask all of our neighbors for permission to play loud music late into the night. My parents invited a few of our Russian friends and they all arrived with tasty dishes and fine wines. As my friend arrived, she said «С Новым годом, Оля! Ты выглядишь очень красиво» “Happy New year Olga! You look very pretty.” Me and my friend were both very excited because one of my parent’s friends had a very handsome son and we both wanted to dance with him that night. As he came inside, I whispered to my friend «Саша такой симпатичный! Я первая буду с ним танцевать!» “Sasha is so cute! I will dance with him first!”. Everyone had a good time that night including me and my girlfriend because we both had a chance to dance with Sasha.

«Я хочу поздравить всех с Новым годом!» “I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!”

Don's additional comment: notice that in Russian only the first word of Новый год is capitalized, not the second.

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