Яблоко (часть первая)

by Olga  

The Russian word for apple is яблоко. When I was a child, my aunt planted three apple trees in her back yard. She adored baking and intended to use the apples to make homemade apple pies. A few years went by and the trees began producing an unbelievably large amount of apples. I remember helping my aunt pick the apples off the trees and by the time we were done with one tree, we probably had enough apples to make pies for the whole city. The apples were large and when I took a bite, the flavor was so sweet and the apple so juicy that I immediately fell in love with the taste of my aunt’s apples. I said «Тётенька, твои яблочные деревья производят самые сладкие и сочные яблоки!» “Aunty, your apple trees produce the sweetest and juiciest apples!”. My aunt smiled at me and said «Я думаю, что мои яблочные пироги будут очень вкусные» “I think that my apple pies will be very tasty.”

Because my aunt had more apples than we could use, she often sold them at the market. She said «Ты хочешь пойти со мной на рынок, чтобы продать яблоки?» “Do you want to go to the market with me to sell the apples?” I became very excited every time I went to the market with my aunt because I enjoyed talking to the big crowd of people who came to buy my aunt’s apples.

Don's additional notes: яблоко has an irregular nominative/accusative plural яблоки. The genitive plural is яблок.

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