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The Russian word for grapefruit is грейпфрут. Grapefruits are a delicious fruit and commonly used to treat obesity, respiratory problems, and flu symptoms. In my backyard, grow two grapefruit trees and I make very good use of them. Once a year, when the grapefruits are at their ripest point, I pick all the fruit off the tree and use it to make grapefruit juice грепфрутовый сок. Everyone in my family loves this healthy drink especially in the mornings. Because our grapefruit trees are very large, they produce many grapefruits each year and we always invite our neighbors over to help pick the grapefruits off the trees. We always end up giving a few dozen grapefruits away to our neighbors each year.

I remember when my mother first started introducing my little sister to grapefruits. Victoria was approximately one year old when my mother handed her a slice of grapefruit. We expected that she would make a funny face so my parents stood around taking pictures when she put the grapefruit in her mouth and squinted. Laughing, my parents said «Mоя дорогая! Ты выглядишь так смешно, когда ты кушаешь этот грейпфрут!» “Мy dear! You look so funny when you eat this grapefruit!”

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Comment from: Olga [Visitor]

What is the difference between the verb you have used for “to eat” (kushaesh’) and the verb est’? I have heard kushat’ frequently and was wondering when I should use that verb versus est’…

Don responds: see the earlier entry on кушать for information.

12/09/08 @ 05:10

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