by Olga  

The Russian word for emotions is чувства (singular чувство). Some of the basic emotions are happiness радость, sadness печаль, anger злость, anticipation ожидание, disgust отвращение, fear страх, excitement возбуждённость, disappointment разочарование, and shame стыд.

One day, my friend invited me to her birthday party and I was very happy рада to attend the special occasion. As my friend handed me the invitation, I became engulfed with excitement возбуждённость and ran home to show it to my mother. As my mother saw me running to her with a smile on my face, she began smiling too but to my disappointment разочарование, I saw that her smile quickly faded as she read the invitation and said «Я извиняюсь Оля, но ты не пойдешь, потому что мы уже сделали планы поехать в лес в этот день» “I am sorry Olga, but you can’t go because we have already made plans to go to the forest that day.” Shocked, my jaw dropped and I said «Что? Ты не разрешишь мне пойти?» “What? You’re not going to allow me to go?” Again, my mother began apologizing, and I just stood frozen staring at her. Anger overwhelmed me, and I ran to my room, slamming the door behind me. As my mom knocked on the door, I choked back my tears and said «Уходи!» “Go away!” My mother came in anyway and after a long talk, I felt much better even though I was still mad at her.

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Comment from: Martin [Visitor]

IMHO ‘страсть’ is passion instead of fear, ‘страх’ means fear.

Don’s comment: Thanks for spotting the typo! It’s been corrected.

11/26/08 @ 16:58

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