by Olga  

The Russian word for umbrella is зонт. Everyone should invest in an umbrella because it can help prevent a person from becoming wet on a rainy day. However, many people also enjoy using an umbrella on a hot day because it helps protect against sun burns. When I was a few years old, for the first time, I discovered that umbrellas are not only used on rainy days. It was a hot and sunny day when me and my mother went shopping. As we were walking, I saw an old lady walk down the street with an umbrella. I found it so odd that I began laughing and ran to the lady asking «Почему вы ходите с зонтом? Сегодня солнце сияет и погода очень жаркая!» “Why are you walking around with an umbrella? Today the sun is shining and the weather is very hot!” The old lady turned to me and with a grin on her face said «Потому что я не хочу получить ожог, дорогая» “Because I don’t want to get a burn, dear.” As I continued walking with my mother to the store, I was confused by what the lady told me and I thought «Как может зонт защитить человека от солнечного загара? » “How can an umbrella protect a person against a sun burn?” It was not until a few years later that I began to understand the reasoning behind this practice.

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