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When someone is neat or punctual, we say that he or she is аккуратный. I am a person who prefers to have everything organized and stored properly. Even as a child, I kept my room very organized, neat, and clean. My parents often complimented me when my room was neat. «Какая у тебя аккуратная комната!» “What a neat room you have!” My sister on the other hand, was very untidy and disorganized. She always threw clothes on the floor after coming home from school and often found things missing or lost because her room was so messy. My mother constantly nagged her about her room. «Юля, какой бардак! Убери в своей комнате!» “Julie, what a mess! Clean up in your room!”, but regardless of my mother’s lecturing, my sister’s room always stood messy. «Даже сейчас у меня все аккуратно и организованно» “Even now I keep everything neat and organized.”

Don's additional notes: бардак literally means bordello, but in conversational Russian it is used to mean "a mess." The latter usage is so common that I've even met Russians in the US who don't know the original meaning.

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Comment from: Vitaly [Visitor]


I’m reading this site with great interest. Perhaps it will be useful for you if I point at a small mistake made in the last sentence: организовано must be written with double ‘н’ here - «Даже сейчас у меня все аккуратно и организованно». Please take a look at rosental.virtbox.ru/ortho_xiii.html#sect52 point 6.

Don responds: Vitaly, thanks for the reference. I’ve corrected the entry.

I’m embarrassed to say that I had never know this distinction. With gratitude, Don.

03/27/12 @ 03:13

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