by Olga  

The Russian word for orchestra is оркестр. Listening to a live orchestra is a very relaxing and enjoyable activity that many people take part in. It is important to have a good balance of different instruments within the orchestra to obtain the best sound quality. These instruments include the violin скрипка, viola альт, cello виолончель, and bass басовый. During high school, I was involved in the orchestra for four years. During these four years, I became a very good violin player and sometimes, my teacher said «Оля, как ты хорошо играешь на скрипке!» “Olga, how well you play on the violin!”. Because our orchestra consisted of very good players, we were fortunate to travel and compete against other high school orchestras. One day during class, our teacher told us «В конце года мы все поедем на Гавайи, чтобы соревноваться с другими школами!» “At the end of the year, we will all go to Hawaii to compete with other schools!” When I came home that day, I was very excited and began practicing hard to make sure that we get first place at the competition!

Don's additional notes: басовый can mean any of the bass strings. If you specifically want to indicate the double bass (contrabass), then you say контрабас.

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